Complete Recruitment Solutions

At SA Job Placements we offer a range of Specialist New Acquisitions and Staffing Solutions
We also have custom solutions available to suit your exact recruitment needs. Make sure to get in touch if you need any more information.

Employer Options

A Contingency-Based Relationship:

This offers you a ‘no results – no fee’ solution which is quick, reliable and cost effective. It is a simple yet effective method used to attract suitable candidates across a broad spectrum of the market.

Retainer-Based Relationship:

This offers you an affordable solution for your ongoing volume recruitment needs on a monthly retainer fee – it is a fully customizable service that provides the greatest ROI for your staffing needs. What this means is that we are able to create a tailor made option to respond to rapid growth, your business may be experiencing rapid growth and we can scale with you to support 10-100+ positions.

  • For a tiered payment solution a retainer we provide full lifecycle recruiting services offsite.
  • This offering can greatly reduce your CPH (cost-per-hire) by up to 50% and TTF (time-to-fill) by up to 40-60%.

Contract Placements

When financial restrictions place a limit on head-count and clients need to keep their core workplace lean, we provide contract employees to handle business peaks cost-effectively.

Exclusive Referral-Based Search:

  • S.A Job Placements can be retained on an exclusive search basis to identify specific skills or specific candidates either locally, nationally or internationally.
  • We utilize our extensive market experience as well as a well-developed referral network to quickly identify those skills and candidates.
  • Our consultants are trained to continuously meet and network with available historically disadvantage individuals. This, combined with our networking agreements in the country, ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse of South Africa’s talent – better enabling us to source high calibre equity candidates for our clients.

Auxiliary Services


Our bespoke new customer acquisition campaigns provide a personal connection between your products or services and your target customers.

Branding and Merchandising Agents

Our Agents work in any environment to provide promotional services for you by using our staff database to procure and deploy the necessary resources. Our in-store promotional services include product sampling, product demonstrations, active selling and leafleting events.

Executive Search

This method is most effective for positions where an individual with rare skills needs to be approached directly.

Outsourced Payroll

SA Job Placements has the infrastructure and resources to take over and run your entire payroll on a long-term basis. We would take care of all statutory reporting, deductions and disbursements, holiday and sickness entitlements, bonuses, industrial relationship procedures, payslip distribution and all other matters relating to your payroll, timeously, accurately and with full transparency.


Let SA Job Placements deliver new customers to you and expand your reach globally. Sales Agents can be placed at your retail stores, banking branches & non office based operation.

Customized Solutions

Let us create a solution specifically tailored to your promotional needs for communication direct to your customers.

Permanent Placements

Our permanent staff recruitment services include. Sourcing, Screening, Competency-based interviews, Competency-based references, Background verifications.

Reference Checking

SA Job placements provides the following checks on the clients request: 2 Character References, Qualification verification, Criminal checks.

Events and Promotional Teams

Our candidates are there to protect your brand’s image while gaining you new customers every step of the way.

Field marketing solutions

Field Marketing solution is a must for any company wanting to capitalize on the power of face-to-face communication with their customers. By using our highly trained and professional field marketing staff you ensure that your customers interact with your brand and products in a meaningful and lasting manner

Temp & Contract Staff

We can assist with support staff on an adhoc basis. You as the client can either choose to administer the payroll on your books (contract) or SA Job Placements can handle the payroll admin.

Premium Membership

The premium membership allows your business to connect with top talent within minutes. With unlimited access to an uncensored data pool of only the best candidates. You can have your vacancies featured in premium listing’s for up to 12 weeks, our premium membership club, allows you to pre-screen with questions, ensuring that you get only the most suited candidate applications for your vacancy.

Retail and Kiosk Sales

We have a wide-reaching network of outsourced sales teams that act as brand ambassadors for our clients in every step of the sales process.

Career and Candidate advice

S.A Job Placements can be retained on an exclusive search basis to identify specific skills or specific candidates either locally, nationally or internationally.

Bulk Recruitment

We offer you a variety of bulk recruitment solutions. Whether you are looking to hire a large volume of permanent staff or require an outsourced solution to cover a specialized project or short-term increase in white-collar staff.

HR Outsourced Solutions

HR solutions enable our clients to outsource all or part of their HR processes, allowing their internal staff to focus on core business goals and objectives, while we focus on enhancing talent management, improving productivity and reducing costs.


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