Premium Membership

SA Job Placements – Premium Membership

All included in one package.
With the SA Job Placements Premium package you get all the below services for a low monthly cost of R99.00. You really wont get more for less anywhere else.

Premium Membership Package:

  • Month to month premium membership
  • Unlimited access to the S.A. Job placement talent pool database
  • Vacancies listed for up to 12 weeks
  • Priority advert approval
  • Allow for pre-screening questions
  • Advert posted on S.A Job Placements twitter
  • Intelligent C.V. search function
  • Social sharing
  • Ability to renew the job adverts
  • Telephone support

Some of the benefits of partnering with SA Job placements would include:

  • By outsourcing recruitment, internal HR staff members can focus on other initiatives
  • Outsourcing non-core functions converts fixed costs into variable and transactional costs
  • Ability to leverage SA Placements economies of scale to reduce the cost per hire
  • Improved quality and speed of delivery
  • Satisfaction of anticipated or unanticipated high volume staffing needs
  • Consistent tracking and compliance
  • Development and enhancing of employer brand

Employers will also have access to Legislated documents related to their industry, including:

  • Bargaining Council Main agreements
  • Wage updates resulting from agreements reach at the council
  • Sectoral determinations applicable to the industry
  • Wage updates issued by the Department of Labour related to Sectoral Determinations e. Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Employment Equity Act

Employers will also be able to download pre-prepared, documents as follows:

  • Warning form
  • Notice to attend a hearing Resignation letters Certificate of service Leave forms
  • Desertion notices
  • Alcohol misuse sheet Final settlement form


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